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  • Gary Schwartz

Managing Power as a Photographer and Filmmaker

A quick little update, we have finally got around to creating the content for the site, creating video tutorials does take time and have been researching what you want to know. If you have something you want to know about video and photography let us know.

One of things that crops up is how do I keep my iPhone, iPad and batteries charged when like many photographers and filmmakers you are out at jobs. I also get people asking if they can charge their phones!!! That's a tricky one as I need to ensure I have enough in my power bank to keep me going. Yes, I use a power bank, as well as the usual charges for so many things. Thankfully it is not just my iPhone that uses a USV cable to charge.

RAVpower charger, iPhone and iPad

For my Canon batteries I have a Top Max charger that will charge two batteries at the same time.

I do try and find somewhere where I can plug in to charge but this isn't always possible. I also can also charge by throwing the phone or tablet in my bag with the power bank and away I go.

Now I have used this small power banks that give me a one off charge but then I would have to remember to charge when I got home. So I got a bigger power bank, this one, the RAVPower 16750 mAh portable phone charger, although as you have realised it does more than charge phones.

I can usually get at least a few days and often a week before I need to charge the power bank which I can do overnight.

If you would like to get one yourself then you can get them on Amazon, here are the links.

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