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Creating Video Content with iPhone or iPad

Duration: 3 hours

Where: Online - Zoom Webinar


Experience: Beginner

What you need to bring:

  • iPhone/iPad

Trainer: Gary Schwartz

Cost: £20

Upcoming Dates:

Click here to book for 7th July 2020 at 2:00pm (British Summer Time)


Course Details

iPhones and iPads are great devices for creating video content so much so films have been made using them. You can edit directly on the device or use the clips in a video editing program on your computer. Here we will look at the best options to film and edit.

The things we will cover are:

  • Setting the iPhone/iPad up

  • Composition and using gridlines

  • Camera angles

  • Getting clear results

  • Adjusting the exposure - making it brighter or darker when taking the photo

  • Focussing

  • Lighting

  • Dealing with backlight

  • Low light

  • Slow motion

  • Timelapse

  • Using the built-in light

  • Getting better sound

  • Connecting a microphone

  • Using an external sound recorder

  • Using a tripod

  • Using a gimbal

  • Using the Apple Watch as a remote

  • Transferring to a computer for editing

  • Editing using iMovie for iOS

  • Adding clips

  • Adding images

  • Adding titles

  • Adding audio

  • Exporting

  • Sharing

  • Transferring to iMovie for the desktop

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