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Live Streaming with Wirecast

Duration: 3 hours

Where: Online - Zoom Webinar


Experience: Intermediate

What you need to bring:

  • Computer

  • Wirecast

Trainer: Gary Schwartz

Cost: £20

Click here to book for 22nd June 2020

Click here to book for 29th June 2020

Click here to book for 9th July 2020


Course Details

Live streaming has really become important during the lockdown and if you want to reach a wider audience you can do this using YouTube and Facebook, in fact you can live stream to both YouTube and Facebook simultaneously as well as to some other platforms. 

The things we will cover are:

  • Why use a flash

  • Controlling the power

  • Softening the flash

  • Bouncing the flash

  • Diffusing the flash

  • Softboxes

  • Using it as a fill light

  • Getting it off camera

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